Car insurance

Not all cars or drivers are the same, and neither is our car insurance. We offer a range of cover options to suit you, the car you drive, and your budget. We insure high-performance and modified vehicles, under 25's, and people with driving convictions.


You might be a good driver, but accidents happen – and you can’t rely on others to have insurance. Comprehensive car insurance offers you the fullest protection, and also includes access to NAC’s Roadside Assist.

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Fire Theft & Storage

This type of insurance is ideal for race vehicles and show cars, covering you whilst in storage for fire, theft or attempted theft, natural disasters or malicious damage and whilst in transit damage following an accident to the transporting vehicle.

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Third Party Fire & Theft

Perhaps the value of your vehicle, or your budget, means you’re not looking for comprehensive cover. With third party, fire and theft insurance, you’re covered for the damage you cause, or if your car catches fire, or gets stolen.

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Third Party Only

You might be willing to accept the risk that your own vehicle could be damaged in an accident, but what about damage to other vehicles, and property? That’s when you need third party insurance.

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Cover Options

Roadside Assist with NAC

Roadside Assist
0800 200 566
  • Ready to help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from almost anywhere in New Zealand. Call 0800 200 566 for assistance
  • We help you retrieve keys from locked vehicles, jump-start flat batteries, change flat tyres, or provide fuel when you’ve run out.
  • If we can't get your vehicle mobile again, we'll tow it to the nearest repairer or safe place for you.
  • Full access to the service when you take out a comprehensive car insurance policy.
Two free call-outs are automatically included with all comprehensive NAC Insurance policies. Additional call-outs within the insurance term are available but the policyholder will be charged $50 for each call-out.

We have been looking after high performance vehicles for over 18 years.